I spent a month during summer 2008 in Helmand Province in Afghanistan with Ross Kemp filming for his new series "Ross Kemp - Return To Afghanistan". We were embedded with Delta Company 5 Scots and 1 Royal Irish as they carried out frontline operations against the Taliban near Musa Qaleh, a former Taliban town stronghold now under the control of the British military.

This assignment saw me film graphic and close up combat footage in the "Green Zone", of British soldiers carrying out their primary role against the Taliban as well as life around the base camp. The whole programme including the extreme combat footage scenes on patrol were shot on a full size Sony F900R HDCam camera.

"Well made, highly dramatic account....gripping television" The Guardian
"Stunning" - The Daily Mirror
"Terrifying, moving and authentic" The Times
"Compelling new series" The Mail

Winner - Guild of Television Cameramen Award for Excellence 2009
Extreme Camerawork catergory
"Ross Kemp - Return To Afghanistan"